About Us


We are passionate UW fans and alums.  And we like gear - high quality, unique, comfortable, easily accessible gear.  So we decided to start our own University of Wyoming based lifestyle apparel company - Steamboat & Co.  And we named it after the legendary and now iconic bucking horse, Steamboat.  Our gear and our philosophies embody the characteristics of "the horse that couldn't be rode" - free, fiery, and determined.  Our goal is simple - to inspire and bring together alums and people in the state of Wyoming that love our university and our state and all that they represent. 

We love to hear from our customers, friends and fellow alums and interact with them on social media - its about sharing our common threads and experiences - at a game, a reunion, or at any number of the various alumni gatherings across the country.  We hope to see you at the next big game - we will no doubt be in attendance reppin' the brown and gold, wearing the latest and greatest Steamboat & Co. gear.

Thank you for checking out our store and for supporting our brand!


Tracy and Cebee Richardson